Pivot Sets and Components

The QA Series is tailored to enable its usability in the long term without difficulties in working by using brass and steel. Each pivot and pivot set ensure the QA Series precisely satisfies specifications of all type of doors. Pivots for 20 minutes and 3 hours fire-rated doors comply with applicable codes.


  • Long-term usability
  • Door weight up to 1000 lb
  • Center hung, 3/4 ‘’ offset, 1-1/2’’ offset, and pocket door pivots available
  • Diversified designs
  • Numerous types application and finishes

Product details


Variety of applications and finishes

Our available pivots enable tobear the weight of all types of door. The QA Series is designed to be ready to bring any surrounding’s décor to perfection.

Different styles available

Different kind of styles and applications of pivots support QA series to meet and interact smoothly with types of doors and frames which made by wood, aluminum and hollow metal. In addition, the QA Series is specially designed to ensure its operation in a satisfactory way with doors which weight, thickness or materials are not usual.

Door weight up to 1000 lb

Pivots and pivots sets is tailored to bear the weight up to 1000 lb with the long-term usability. Pivots set are available for center hung, 3/4 ‘’ offset, 1-1/2’’ offset.