Grade 1 Hydraulic Surface Applied Door Closer

Backcheck technology system makes sure that the 6500 Series enable to solve all architectural applications perfectly due to its easily installing process and flexibility. In addition, the 6500 Series also complies with barrier-free requirements. The 6500 Series is designed compactly and is ready to complete any opening’ decor.

Door closer ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified.

  • Adjustable spring sizes
  • Compact body design
  • Adjustable backcheck
  • Quick-installing process
  • Fixed speeds

Product details


Modern styling

The 6500 Series closer handles multi-tasking functions through equipped safe and trusted door control.

Controlled opening with backcheck feature

The 6500 series softens the effect of impact on doors through backcheck system when opening the doors.


The 6500 Series door closer has the capability to perfectly satisfy all requirements including metal having empty space, aluminum, and wood materials especially for commercial constructions.

Constant speeds

Two different valves in each the 6500 Series product play an important role in controlling the speeds of sweeping and latching process of doors when having any change in temperature.