Stops and Holders

The 300/800 Series provides numerous styles of stops and holders which can adapt to many different applications, ensures to completely control all systems, especially the existing door systems.

  • Directly long-term satisfaction
  • For concealed or non-concealed surface
  • Products of best quality materials
  • Numerous types of finishes available
  • Several unit types available

Product details

Durable and visually pleasing

The 300/800 Series prefers to use stops and holders separately as the method which limits door swing. They provide the directly long-term satisfaction and are especially ideal where the use of wall or floor stops is precluded.

Highest quality materials

The 300/800 Series stops and holders is made of the best quality materials to ensure to bear the maximum weight.

Different finishes available

The 300/800 Series is sprayed by a high-quality two-coat paint finish. Optional plated finishes are also available.

Several unit types available

Stop only units are preferred as the method of limiting door swing when softening the effect of an impact on doors. These units are usually chosen to use on labeled fire doors where hold open is not allowed. Stop/Hold units start off with even more added functionality than stop only units. Users had better use Stop/hold on where non-labeled doors must be held in the open position. Friction/Stop units enable to cushion the limiting stop and adjust friction. This option provides a method of holding non-labeled doors at multiple positions without readjustment. Available in 300/310 Series only.