Wooden door & UPVC door: Address their problem of door lock types

Description: Nowadays, most new build houses have with UPVC or composite doors fitted. These doors have a built in multipoint locking mechanism. Here is the most common problems of their door lock types.

The door lock does not work on wooden door

We can find out a few reasons why the key will not turn in the door lock. Of course, we can not try to open the door with the wrong key! The reason is that part of the key may be worn away. This leads to leaving it the wrong shape to open the lock.

In addition, the lock can start ‘jamming’ because of a lack of lubrication. Sometimes the pins and levers inside the lock become extremely dry. As a result, they stop moving smoothly and eventually seize up. Typically, we have a simple way to fix this problem. Spray the lubricating oil on the working parts and you will sort out the problem.

Picture 1: You can address the door lock problem by using the lubricating oil

After getting keys cut, we can have some problems with the door locks. However, most people do not realise an important thing. That’s you can just copy a key so many times before it stops working properly. Your copying keys from the original key. And that key came with the lock. Then, it should work fine as always.

Problems will arise if you start copying keys that you have already copied. This means, that used key is not an original. It’s like the Chinese whispers analogy. People said that the more times something is repeated, the further from the original it will be.

On UPVC door, the door lock denies your access

On UPVC doors, the door lock has its own problems. Nevertheless, there are two main reasons making the lock not working well.

The first reason of door lock installed on UPVC door

The first reason can cause the problem called ‘misalignment’. Accordingly, the door moves from its original position. Next, it become misaligned with the keeps on the door frame. For UPVC doors, this ‘misalignment’ is usually because of the weight of the door. It pulls down on the hinges over a period of time.

Do not worry. We can easily address this problem on the more modern UPVC doors. Specifically, you simply insert an alan key into the middle of the top hinge. Then, turn the key a little while watching for the door lifting to its original position. Furthermore, you can visit HeleH website for a more comprehensive guide. We write about adjusting different types of UPVC door hinges.

Picture 2: The door lock sometimes go wrong its original position

The second reason of door lock installed on UPVC door

The second reason makes the UPVC handle not lifting to lock the door. The broken gearbox causes this problem. The gearbox is the part of the locking mechanism. It operates all the hooks, bolts and rollers on the multi point strip. However, the misaligned door usually makes broken gearbox. All the locking points of the multi point strip do not fit nicely into their respective keeps on the door frame. Then, the homeowners need more ‘force’ as lifting the handle to engage the door lock.

This extra force can get the door locked temporarily. However, if we force the door to lock like this, we will take its toll on something. There is something inside the gearbox breaks down. Once this gearbox breaks, the homeowners can do anything, just call out a locksmith. Moreover, changing UPVC gearboxes is a more specialist kind of repair. To purchase one, it usually requires an account with a lock supplier.

The user can not get the key out of the door lock

Typically, there is really only one reason for this type of problem. That’s because the key lies in a locked door on one side. Then, someone on the other side tries on opening the door lock with another key. As a result, this makes the cam (centre of the door lock) to twist out of its original position.

Picture 3: There’s simple way to fix the key out of the door lock

When the cam is wrong position, the users will no longer be able to lock the door and even take the key out. However, we have quite simple solution for this problem. That’s because it is simply a case of changing the euro cylinder. We can repair the euro cylinder having wrong position cam. When it is out of position, it will have less strength than before. However, it is easier for the situation to happen again. All you can do is simply change the euro cylinder. This is the best solution at an average price of £20. It is not too expensive.

There are many more reasons for the door lock not working. However, to keep this article brief, we have only listed the ‘most common’ faults we encounter. If you need more information, please drop us a message and we will happily update it.

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