With variety of handle lock types, let install on your door a perfect one

Description: Nowadays, we have more and more selection of handle lock for any door we want. Therefore, it’s necessary to know clearly designs of these locks. This will help us have correct decisions. Take a look.

Most door manufacturers know that how crucial selecting handle lock is. For many people, choosing a handle lock is just as important as choosing the door itself. The right locks need to function adequately. Additionally, it also needs to match the other doors in your home, decoration of rooms that it is to adjoin. Of course, the lock has to match the doors going to be 'working with it'.

Handle lock is integral, essential part of door furniture

We all know the handle, hinges and latches colloquially as 'door furniture'. The seller always do not supply them together if you do not buy a latch pack. It should contain all the furniture in one purchase. As such, you need to make sure the handles match your doors and existing decoration. Plus, they have to match the latches and hinges you'll be using.

When you replace a handle lock on an old door, you can even be able to use the existing furniture. Therefore, it becomes a case of matching the handle lock to the latches and hinges. The fact that you will not actually see much of the furniture besides handle locks. Whilst you do not want the furniture to clash, your priority should be buying the handle.

Picture 2: Handle lock is extremely important to each door

Compare knobs to handle lock

Handle locks are generally more common these days because of the greater level of grip they provide. By contrast, people still use door knobs in homes throughout the world. What you select will always come down to individual taste. Make a comparison.

Knobs door lock

People often consider door knobs more 'decorative'. They generally suit older period properties when they are around for longer than handles. We have countless designs to choose from. It ranges from statement door knobs to the more subtle and sophisticated.

Many find to be hard to grip the classic ball shape. It is not the only option. We still have many egg-shaped or oval door knobs available. They offer a better grip. However, a doorknob will never be able to offer the same level of grip as a handle lock.

Handle lock

Handle lock (or levers) are simply more convenient than door knobs. It is also far easier to open. Particularly as you do not have your hands free. If you've ever operated a doorknob with your elbow while carrying two cups of tea, you can know exactly what we mean.

Doorknobs are generally set further from the door than they used to be. However, it is still easy to graze your knuckles on the door as using them. Meanwhile, this will never happen with a handle. In general, there are more design options available with handle lock, not to mention various backplates.

Nevertheless, these locks can get caught on loose items of clothing. They also require more maintenance since there are some moving parts. Finally, the decision depends on your personal preferences and the style you want. Mixing and matching handles and knobs in homes is quite common. However, we always recommend you should go with one or the other.

Picture 2: People install black handle lock more and more commonly

Many various designs of handle lock

You are designing a new home from scratch or giving existing home a complete refit. Or even you are simply replacing an old, outdated door handle. Then,the designs have to be consistent and fit with the rest of home decoration. The amount of door handle designs is vast and available. However, this can be a challenge. It has no difference from choosing any other furniture in home.

Before choosing the design of door handles, you should contemplate the room and the home as a whole. People offer conventional handles and knobs in various materials and shapes. If you fit a new home from scratch, you may want to be sure all of the handles in the home match up. You can stick to either one shape. For example, they are subtle curves, straight or more severe bent handles. Or you can focus on material like brass, chrome, glass or steel.

Whist, you might choose to contrast styles, materials, colours and shapes against each other. This is to match not the overall home, but the individual rooms only. Selecting depends much on your individual style and personality. You have various styles of door already installed throughout your home. Then, you may be more willing to experiment. The last selection is actually up to you. However, we always recommend at least an element of consistency.

Picture 3: You can pick any handle lock you’d like at HeleH

List of handle lock styles:

Here’s a list of the most common handle lock(and doorknob) building materials for your consideration:

  • Chrome handles. The chrome is a classic and elegant solution. It is ideal for both modern and traditional homes.

  • Stainless steel handles. They are similar to chrome but not quite as shiny. This means its better at hiding fingerprints.

  • Glass handles. It is perfect if you want to make a statement.

  • Brass handles, The lock is a bold choice for period properties.

  • Porcelain handles. They commonplace in older properties. If you want to maintain the traditional appearance of your home, it will be good choice.

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