Things make digital door lock continue to grow in popularity

Description: Technology marches on. Therefore, the key/pin-and-tumbler lock is not immune to the relentless advance of modern progress. Digital door lock is slowly but surely replacing those locks at all kinds.

The digital door lock drastically cuts down on installation requirements

In the past, installing most electronic locks requires specially trained technicians. It often involves hiring an electrician as well. That’s because those locks are hard-wired locks working with compatible card readers. This means their installations are quite complicated. As a result, the cost can be fairly high and it puts off some consumers.

Nevertheless, in recent years, the digital door lock has developed more and more commonly. HeleH is one of the lock manufacturers leading the charge into the digital lock space. We offer a variety of different digital door locks of all shapes, sizes and appearances. They have increased the popularity of electronic door locks as a whole for a simple reason. That’s because they're easy to install.

Picture 1: People have replaced tumbler lock with digital door lock

For most HeleH locks, you can install in standard cylindrical door preps. This job requires nothing more than a screwdriver and just a few minutes of your time. The locks are wireless. Therefore, separate card readers are not necessary. This advantage adds convenience for users. This has made digital door lock more accessible, and then has broadened their market share.

The digital door lock offers more security features

The digital door lock has the particular perks. We can use many of them in combination with some kind of management program. It's a full-featured access control system or a smartphone app, no matter. The ability to manage these locks offers administrators (or security directors) maximum control over all aspects of site security. Whether it is a single lock or a batch operation, that’s good at all.

For instance, assume that there's a situation at your site. Accordingly, you need to lock all of the doors. In case you have standard key/pin-and-tumbler locks, you will have to walk around. Next, you manually lock every door. However, if there's an emergency, (an active shooter), this will cost valuable time. Even it puts people in harm's way.

Picture 2: The digital door lock make people feel more reliable and peaceful

For digital door lock, it has many necessary features. One of them is remote management capabilities. It allows you to disable an individual lock or lockdown entire facility from a smartphone or desktop computer. Security is increasing concern for facilities of all kinds in today's threat-filled world. Therefore, many organizations choose to use digital door lock types. They find comfort in the lockdown capabilities offered by these locks.

The digital door lock is easier to manage than other locks

The example above referenced management capabilities. It refers specifically to locking or unlocking doors remotely. However, it is just one of the best ways the digital door lock brings to us. It makes the lives of security directors, building superintendents and even other property management professionals much easier.

For using digital door lock, users will have credentials for access, whether they are smart cards or access wristbands. Therefore, physical keys will just be a thing of the past.

Some kind of access control system will manage these credentials. The administrator can custom-tailor access rights for each individual user. For instance, your dormitory has a gym requiring an extra fee for use. The credentials look the exact same. However, you can program the lock. Accordingly, a student who paid for the gym can open the door. And by contrast, one who did not pay, will not be allowed inside.

Picture 3: Find Heleh digital door lock if you need any help

Digital door lock management makes life a lot easier in the case of missing credentials as well. If you lose a physical key, it's really a security threat. Therefore, you must usually change the lock. That lock can be cumbersome. Moreover, the fact that you will have to make copies of the new key and look at a very inconvenient process. With installing digital door lock, your system will be able to simply deactivate the lost credential.

Using digital lock, then there is no locks to change. Plus, no mass re-issuing of keys will be necessary. Of course, your property manager can breathe a sigh of relief.

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