The True Facts About A Digital Door Lock

Could a digital door lock make life easier for you by removing the need for keys? If you want to increase the security of your commercial or residential property, a digital door lock will be the perfect solution.

1. Greater Control For Businesses

In many commercial settings, a digital door lock brings a distinct advantage over a conventional locking system. It allows users to access a high-security area without a key. Door locks installed in any area which has medium to heavy volume of traffic will be used by multiple personnel on a frequent basis. A digital door lock will benefit from this simple and cost effective device. In terms of security, this enables you to change the password periodically. This helps ensure that unauthorised personnel can not access an area without permission. This is far more safe and effective than relying on keys, which may be lost or fake.

Picture 1: A digital door lock can connect to your smartphone

2. Greater Control For Homeowners

Homeowners can also benefit from the use of a digital door lock which can be installed on the front or rear entrance to the property. This solution is fantastic for providing temporary access for others whilst you are away on holiday. It also can be accessed on a longer-term basis for multiple family members, dog walkers, and private staff, allowing daily access to the property, without the need for keys.

Throwing keys away gives you a great deal of flexibility and increases security. Door locks are not cheap and barrels need to be replaced if there is any possibility of losing or duplicating keys?

Picture 2: A digital door lock has a compact design

When purchasing a digital door lock it is important to consider where it will be situated, as some are not suited for exterior use. A mechanical lock is the most basic option and easier to install as it does not need any power supply via hardwiring or batteries. Alternatively, you may choose to buy for a digital door lock. It will require a power supply but will give you a lot of useful additional features, such as LED indicators, the possibility to set multiple access passwords and temporary shut down after a sequence of incorrect password entries. To see our full range of mechanical and digital models, visit Heleh door lock website and go to Products section.

3. How Frequently Should The Password Be Changed?

Maintaining security for the property when you have a digital key password in place is reliant on the periodic changing of your entry password. It is good practise to change the password regularly as standard but in between scheduled password changes, a new password should be created if there is any suspicion that security could be compromised. If for example you have given a team of tradesmen temporary access so that they are able to gain access on site for the duration of a project, it is crucial that this password is changed once all work is complete.

Picture 3: A digital door lock needs less power than other types of door lock

If you have a mechanical door lock depending on the model, you may need to remove the lock from the door to change the password. With an electronic lock, this is a very straightforward process and the password can typically be changed in a matter of seconds using the instructions.

4. Three common types of digital door lock

  • Fingerprint digital door lock:

Using biometric fingerprint technology, fingerprint digital door lock is now considered a safe and convenient device for households and offices. People design it with a fingerprint reader on the lock that is capable of storing and comparing fingerprint data of the user. With a fingerprint scanner on the touch screen, the opening is completely quick and convenient for the absent minded people. Or sometimes the users forget the keys or housewives..

Fingerprint digital door lock is the most secure type of smart door lock because they use fingerprint data. We know each person's fingerprint is unique and it is very difficult to fake. The use of a fingerprint digital door lock is to ensure the safety of your family.

  • Magnetic card digital door lock

The most common type today is the magnetic card lock. Applying smart card technologies such as RFID on door locks is a big step forward in recent years. Convenient magnetic card lock helps them to integrate with many other services on the same card. For example: magnetic card can be used as elevator card, car card, gym card, swimming pool, bar ... Currently, most high-end hotels use this model and the management room and its services.

  • Password digital door lock

Password locks have been used for a long time, nowadays they are increasingly developed with more advanced security or integrated authentication methods such as fingerprints and cards to better address security issues. and more flexible options for users.

HeleH Lock is integrated all three methods: fingerprint, password, magnetic card on a lock device. Users will have more flexibility and convenience, as well as maximum security and security.