Remember 6 main ways to have proper door lock maintenance

Description: Door lock is an essential device in your home security. You have to keep it in good conditions. This ensures that it works well and protect your home. Therefore, you need to have proper maintenance.

Some people believe that a door lock will work forever. In fact, even hardware store quality door locks can work for decades. It depends on the amount of usage. Most locksmiths consider that the average lock lifespan is approximately seven years. If you want to get the most from your locks, you should consider these six key factors.

Install door and its door lock properly

Door lock only functions correctly if you install the door properly. Additionally, you also have to correctly prepare for the lock. When a door sags or binds, it may place an incredible amount of pressure on the lock latch or bolt. This leads to a failure. And then, it will leave you locked in or out of your house.

Meanwhile, a properly hung door will not bind. Remember that the gap between door and frame should be uniform across the top and sides. It is approximately an eighth inch and less than a quarter inch.

Picture 1: Installing door and door lock is very important

Check screws and strike plates of both door and door lock

Ensure that at least one screw securing the top hinge to the doorframe should be long enough. It will connect the door to the wall framing around the door. If you want to prevent sagging and increase break-in resistance, you should add a longer screw. Typically, we recommend that choose three inches to each hinge.

You stag the hinge screws. Plus, locate the long screws near the center of the wall. When you look at the frame, do not forget to check the strike plates. We should secure the plate for the deadbolt to the wall framing with long screws, such as the hinges.

Be sure deadlatch and deadbolt door lock work correctly

When you close the deadlatch, the small plunger rides on the latch’s flat side. At the same time, it should not fall into the strike plate. This is an important security feature of a door lock. People built it into modern entry locks. This lock will not function correctly if you do not properly align with the strike plate. Remember that binding or broken deadlatches commonly cause lock failures.

Therefore, with the closed door, the deadbolt should operate freely. Accordingly, you ought not to have to push, pull or lift the door to operate the door lock. You need to make sure the deadbolt hole in the door jamb is deep enough. This helps the bolt to extend completely. We can not lock the deadbolt actually locked if it not fully extended.

Picture 2: Ensure that your door lock work well indeed

Make clean your door lock without overdoing it

You can perform external maintenance for locks easily. It is incredibly simple job. The most popular is using a mild detergent to clean locks. Some manufacturers recommend using only a damp rag. However, you actually do more harm than good by using an abrasive or chemical cleaner on the lock. That’s because petroleum-based products can damage a lock's finish as well. The protective coating on most locks can withstand normal usage for many years. Nevertheless, it is not heavy abuse.

Door lock require annual lubrication

Lubricating locks is one of the most important and most overlooked maintenance factors. In this case, the locksmiths do not recommend you should use petroleum-based products. For graphite lubricants, they work well. In which, Teflon and other dry lubricants are generally the best and easiest to apply.

You just simply spray a small amount of lubricant into the keyway. Then, you run the key in and out of the lock repeatedly. Remember to wipe any debris from the key each time. You have to lubricate your door locks like this at least once a year. The more thorough lubrication include removing the lock from the door. Do at least enough to apply lubricant to the latch or bolt.

Picture 3: Lubrication is necessary to your door lock maintenance

Copy duplicate door lock keys from an original

The final factor in maintenance is the key itself. People design keys to wear before the lock does. As installing a new door lock, you should set aside one of the original keys. It is to use when creating duplicates. When the key begins to wear out, it’s better to replace it.

Nevertheless, duplicates are never exact. Additionally, variances increase when a duplicate is made from a duplicate. A variance of only a few thousandths of an inch make the difference. It is between a good, working key and one. You must jiggle in order to work or one that will not work at all.

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