Read me before you decide to buy a digital door lock

Nowadays, our lives has changed a lot. Digital door lock is one of them. To know how important a digital door lock is, read this article.

1. Common questions everyone’s ever asked

You’re going to work, or you’re driving to other places. You’re busy at workplace or you must be going to drive kids to school. Suddenly, thoughts suddenly come to your head.

“Did I lock the main door?”

  • You think back about the moments when you left your house or your office. You try to read your mind about every move you made 15 minutes ago. Yet nothing stands out. So you’re uncertain about the security of your place and wonder whether someone will illegally visit your place or not.

“What if someone tries to break the house? They completely could go inside without any obstacles.!”

  • At this moment, you are very worried about the house or office will be going to be visited illegally and someone will steal everything valuable. Anh you could not chase the security system to find who could be the thief because anyone walking past might be a potential thief. Could you have a way to check the lock condition without driving back to that place or calling somebody for help. .

2. Thankfully there is. A digital door lock.

  • Smart technology has developed remarkably in recent years. You completely are able to control just about everything in your house, in some shape or form by smart technology. For a digital door lock, you can still use it as a conventional door lock, but they are more convenient. Many other optimal features make a digital door lock more secure than a traditional one.

Picture 1: HeleH digital door lock uses Bluetooth port for accessibility

But when standing among hundreds of smart doors locks now on the market, which is the correct digital door lock for you? We have some things to consider for you to make sure you can find the best digital door locks for your home and office, plus how each can improve your overall feeling of security. We would like to help you avoid those sudden feelings of panic as you’ll never again wonder if you left the house unlocked.

3. Things to Consider Smart Home Integration Price

Home and office door locks don’t just protect what’s behind the doors. The locks offer peace of mind. digital door lock offers you additional rights of control over other smart devices such as smartphone. If you are still strange to types of digital door lock (or smart home technology in general) you may research carefully about what exactly you should be seeking for.

Here are a few things to consider when starting the process to seek for the best digital door locks.

Your smart home need to be controlled from a single service. This means you should integrate it with your smart assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and to a lesser extent, Apple’s Siri (although Siri has significantly fallen behind in the world of smart technology).

It is convenient to integrate the digital door lock with the rest of your IoT (Internet of Things) devices. That’s why we mentioned smart home integration as the first consideration.

A digital door lock can connect to your home or office’s Wi-Fi network will cost more than a conventional door lock. Yet, the additional cost will create the difference.

Picture 2: Warning System of HeleH digital door lock in case of fire

Just how much more depends on a number of factors, specifically the tech built into the lock. Do you likely spend anywhere from $100 to $500 for a digital door lock? The second thing you must consider is determine how much you’re willing to spend on buying a digital door lock.

  • Unlocking Features

Door lock and keys have been invented for thousands of years. While key security has improved and developed significantly, the basic definition of a lock and the accompanying key is the same. With a digital door lock, you must forget this concept and move on to another technology.

Some digital door locks will still use a back-up key, it means that key is not the main way to access your house. Unlocking now completely depends on a fingerprint scanner or a digital door password. They are the third consideration you should consider before shopping around.

Picture 3: Fingerprint is great to apply for digital door lock

The smart lock usually has multiple unlocking ways, does not only uses a fingerprint scanner. Think about your smartphone’s fingerprint scanner. How often does your smart phone’s fingerprint scanner recognize you and deny unlocking?. Neither does your smart lock.

If it’s rain outside or your hands get wet, this can bring you an problem. Luckily, the digital door locks do have developed technology over what’s built into your phone, but having a secondary unlocking way when the scanner doesn’t read correctly.

  • Installation

Installing a digital door lock is completely more different and complicated than installing a traditional door lock. Although this is not an essential factor, before buying any lock you should consider that whether you can install it by yourself or not. Do you need to hire a professional to install the equipment as well as are you willing to pay additional cost to have a better installation?