Overhead position door closer: Know these things for efficient usage

Description: In recent years, we have used overhead position door closer more and more commonly. These door closers bring a lot of benefits for commercial buildings. However, to achieve the most efficiency of them, read this article instantly.

Specifications of overhead position door closers

The overhead position door closers are very common type of door closer mechanism. You normally do not see and notice them. In the majority of constructions, people use these overhead position door closers on aluminum glazed storefront doors. The installer also apply these closers on hollow metal stand alone or structural framed window systems.

People initially engineer the overhead position door closers design concept as a self-contained product. They feature a center pivot enabling a variety of door functions with no exterior arm or visible operating hardware. The others have the closer mounted into either the header or floor area of a door. They come with observable arms. These either exert the force of the closer on the door or limit the door swing travel.

Picture 1: Overhead position door closers have outstanding specifications

Development of overhead position door closers has led to specifically functioned products. They require latest knowledge of door swing, handing, and degree of opening before buying and installing. In some products, the pivot of the closer interacts with a piece of provided hardware. This allows for limited adjustments of the door travel undetermined at the time of purchase.

Operation of overhead position door closers

However, the installer or contractor will limit most devices specifically to the functions. Some overhead position door closers only enable single directional control for opening and closing to a fixed point/door stop. Dual action devices will swing open and close in both directions. They are common and have specific adjustment limitations as well.

These products have many variations and potential uses. They allow special operations and cycling of doors with these concealed products. Functions include hold open, delayed closing and door swing management. They all are possible. For some products, the concealed closer must be specially handed for either right or left hand installations. For dual action closers, the door sweeps in either direction are available as well. They come with additional hold open and delay functions.

Typically, choosing overhead position door closers relates to providing a finished clean appearance. It does not have a piece of hardware located on the door or frame of an opening. The box like surface mounted closer commonly found on doors in hotels, hospitals and other places. People hide overhead position door closers completely to most observers.

Important notes when installing overhead position door closers

The installation depends on the make and manufacturer of the overhead position door closers. They place the closer mechanism and attach hardware in a variety of potential installation locations. These places require advance planning during fabrication of the door system. There is a pocket trough in the framed door header, top door rail area. Or installation into a channel or floor box or bottom door rail requires an advance plan.

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Some closers function have butt hinges for one way traffic. The others are designed using only pivots to swing the door. You can choose type of hinges used limits certain aspects of door system. If you apply butt hinges, the door can only open in one direction designed. People often incorporate a door stop into the frame of the door. This is to prevent damage to the door, hinges and frame.

The potential options can associate with a butt hinge installation. They include hold open or non-hold open functions, delayed closing functions. Specific handing requirements when ordering the concealed closer. Or desired opening swings from 90 to 270 degrees. When choosing a pivot hinge installation, all of the functions mentioned with the butt hinge installations apply. That excepts the travel of the door can be either inward or outward. Therefore, do not install any door stop.

Common problems can happen to overhead position door closers

Some overhead door closers are generally unhanded or universally adaptable. However, they can be limited to a specific opening span. That’s because the central location of the pivot points. The use of closers comes with the same duties and responsibilities as well. You have to do maintenance that a standard surface mounted closer requires.

There is a common problem with overhead position door closers. Owners and property managers frequently do not know where the closer is located. As a result, they do not know what they need to maintain and check the condition of the installed closer. For special installations, thay can require additional or more frequent service and maintenance.

Picture 3: Know about overhead position door closers clearly to maintain properly

Door closers are on the bottom of a doorway. Plus, the pocket for the closer is located in a floor. This is where constant exposure to moisture from outside weather elements. Or routine mopping are present, special added inspections are important.

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