Modifying jammed door lock in emergency situation with HeleH

Description: Locking a door seems very simple. However, the mechanism that does the work is complicated, which leaves it susceptible to jamming. Let’s find the way to fix jammed door lock in this post!

Weather issues: main reason for jammed door lock

Freezing weather can cause your exterior locks to jam. On the other side, moisture may cause the tumblers to rust and become stuck. If the door lock mechanism is working, but it is still hard to turn the key, what happened?! Deadbolt may be out of alignment with the strike plate on the jamb. None of these problems are serious, and they can all be fixed with a few hand tools and some lubriant.

Picture 1: Cold weather is one of the biggest reason for a jammed door lock

Moreover, cold or damp weather can mess up the door lock mechanism, causing it to jam. Before you blame the weather, make sure you are using the right key for door lock. It seems obvious, but it's an easy mistake to make. If this as a cold day and the key wouldn’t go into the lock or you can't turn it. Then, heat it by blowing on it before trying again. If the lock has really got frozen, a hairdryer can help thaw it out and stops sticking.

Dealing with burrs when you can’t open home door lock

Warming up the key in cold weather doesn't work, or you can't get the door lock to turn in warm weather?! Because the key may have burrs, especially if it is a new one. In this case, spread a little soot on the key, insert it in the lock, and remove it. Any part of the key that don't have soot are rubbing against the mechanism. Grind those areas down with a file, and try the key again on your door lock.

Lubricating the door lock is also a good idea for you in emergency. A little grease may do the trick if your deadbolt is sticking at this moment. Spray thread lubricant into the keyhole if deadbolt is difficult to turn when the door is open. This will loosen deposits on the metal parts that always prevent the key from turning.

Picture 2: Sometimes, you have better change a new key for your door lock

You must keep a little spray lubricant in the garage, especially if you are having problems with door lock. Therefore, you don't get locked out of the house. You can also squeeze a little graphite into the hole, or dust some on the key. After that, insert the key, and turn it a few times to work the graphite into the mechanism.

Deadbolt alignment - how to solve it to open your door lock better?!

If the parts of the deadbolt don't line up correctly, this is difficult for the mechanism to work properly. Check the alignment of the deadbolt more against the strike on the jamb. Do it carefully if the lock is difficult to turn when the door is closed or the door doesn't lock at all.

You can use a file to widen the hole on the strike, or remove the strike with a screwdriver and reposition it on the jamb. Widen the mortise in the wood under the strike when if you reposition it. Using a chisel to do this and get a better result

Then, remove the cover plate and tighten the set-screws holding the lockset together if it moves. If either of the screws is not good enough, replace it. Disassemble and remove the entire lockset if the key is still hard to turn in door lock. You can spray the entire mechanism with spray lubricant. Last, wait for at least 10 minutes before you reinstall it.

Sometimes the cause of a stuck deadbolt is a misaligned or out-of-square door. Once the gap between the door and jamb is angled, then the door isn't square. Adjust the hinges so that the door is straight.

Choosing HeleH Italy handle door lock to reduce jamming door lock

Let’s begin with the story in the beginning country - Italy. The first thing HeleH Italy made was a HeleH handle lock. It came from its own factory in Borgomanero, Novara City, Italy made it in 1911. Battista Olivari established HeleH in 1911 and co-operated with his wife, the woman named Antonietta Ramelli.

Picture 3: HeleH handle lock is one of the oldest Italian hardware

Throughout 100-plus years of its manufacturing history, HeleH has become one of the biggest Italian hardware brand. Nowaday, there are lots of lock types in the world. However, we only focus on producing 3 kinds of products. There are HeleH handle lock, HeleH floor-concealed door closer and recently, HeleH digital lock. In a word, what makes HeleH reputation like today is HeleH handle lock. We have more than 100 types of handle locks and supply it with the love from our customers.

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