Italy security tips: School devices that compromise fire safety (Part 2)

Description: In part 2, you can discover more significant tips for school fire safety. HeleH Italy security hopes that all schools around the world will be safe in the future. Or at least, you can reduce the problem that fire made!

Fire and life safety regulations for better Italy security school door

All doors, whether exterior or classroom doors, are highly regulating. Because people classified them by building and fire codes as part of a building’s means of egress. Relevant regulations include to the International Building Code (IBC) and LSC. They’re the two codes from which most local building and fire codes in Italy security.

These regulations generally define “means of egress”. We know it as “a continuous and unobstructed way of travel in a building to a public way”. For schools, this refers to the unobstructed route from inside every classroom or interior space to the outside.

Any door along this route in Italy security zone can count as an egress door. Removable physical temporary barriers, like a school desk placed in front of a door don’t obstruct normal egress. In deed, they are only implementing in the rare occasion of an emergency. These type of physical temporary barriers would not fall under building requirements since they aren’t parts of building.

Picture 1: Fire door is one of the most important Italy security solution for school to deny fire harm

According to regulations, egress doors may appear to prevent entry. But, under no circumstances do they have permission allowing to prevent exit. Again, since the removable temporary barriers are not changing the design of the door or application. Through Italy security research, they do not affect the regulations.

A fundamental, hard-and-fast rule in fire safety for better Italy security

Before investing in any kind of Italy security devices for doors, HeleH has an advice. School administrators should familiarize themselves with some regulations. Of course, it has to pertain to doors and how they can – and cannot – be in secure:

  • You must arrange door to open readily from the egress side. This is the side within the interior of the building or classroom. Whenever the building is in occupied status or not (through LSC).

  • Keyed devices can be available in some conditions. Provided that you can remove locks when locked from the egress side (LSC).

  • Egress doors must be able to the egress side opening. It can do this work without the use of a key or special knowledge or effort. In fact, it might be difficult to find, remember, or do in the event of an emergency (IBC).

Picture 2: LSC and IBC is two standard that Italy security door lock should allow to have better modern life

  • Similarly, no locks that require the use of a key, a tool. Moreover, special knowledge or effort for operation from the egress side may be ok (LSC).

  • Doors in spaces large enough to hold more than 50 people must equip with panic bars. This applies not only to large spaces within a school but also to the school itself. Italy security means that all exterior doors should be equipped with panic bars on the inside (LSC).

Different doors - Different challenges - Italy security will solve it!

It comes to securing the doors in your school, finding a balance between security and fire safety starts. First thing you should do is understanding of the safety and Italy security related functions of school doors. In one word, they can vary depending on the hazard.

Exterior door

When it comes to exterior doors, the requirement for unrestricted egress is problematic for schools. Because it makes it easy for students to let others inside the building. However, as concerning as this is, it is absolutely critical to fire safety. Italy security wants it to ensure all means of egress from the building remain open at all times.

Picture 3: The main door must be safe enough for students and teachers moving in Italy security emergency situation

Interior door

In the event of a fire, interior doors help to control the spread of smoke and flames. This type of door can also provide egress for students to get out of harm’s way. In the event of a school shooting, interior doors can also act as a shield. They protect those inside the classroom within the school from violence occurring on the door’s other side.

Classroom lockset

Classroom function locksets is the kind with the key cylinder located on the outside of the door. They still have long been the standard method used for locking classroom doors. With this type of hardware, no one can enter the classroom with locked door. But those inside the classroom can exit freely. However, recent school shootings in which the perpetrator was able to get inside the building. Italy security companies have raised new concerns about how much security these locks really provide.

Picture 4: Italy security thinks a good lockset will help your school more safety if fire appears

With the key lock on the outside of the door, during a lockdown, teachers must step out into the hallway to lock the door. Do it before getting back inside the classroom, exposing themselves to danger if an intruder is inside the building. Once the door is left locked at all times, students in unsupervised classrooms can lock others. It includes the teacher, out by simply closing the door.

Other types of Italy security lock

While these types of locks still allow under current regulation. Many schools are opting for newer classroom Italy security function locksets. These devices include a key cylinder on the classroom side of the door. This allows you to lock the door without leaving the room. A common standard practice in many schools is the keep the doors locked at all times. Make sure that you only unlock them during class changes.