Italy security tips: School devices that compromise fire safety (Part 1)

Description: Your school’s fire protection, access control, Italy security systems aren’t fully integrating. HeleH fire and security experts will help enhance the safety of your students and faculty.

Why your school need fire exit Italy security devices?!

With the rise of awareness in school tragedies in recent years, school administrators increasingly call. The reason?! This is upon to address parents’ growing concerns for their children’s safety. HeleH know that Italy security can not deny this problem However, they often lack the funding to make many of the kinds of changes needed.

For these schools and those have funds to make their schools safer, it’s too easy for school administrators’ misunderstood. They unknowingly put measures into place that actually put their staff and students in greater danger. Each year, many Italy security goes around country and discuss about it, but they deny all!

Picture 1: Fire in school can damage many factors and people around it - that reduce Italy security status

Some of the devices intended to secure the entry doors leading into the school and classroom doors. This is the only remaining barrier between an intruder and his intended victims once inside the building. Sometimes, it may not meet fire and life safety regulations. It can be difficult to know which ones do meet guidelines and which ones don’t, because there is no requirement on the part of manufacturers or distributors to disclose this.

Some of these devices are simply not effective security measures, while some actually increase risk by violating fire and life safety codes. With so many devices now on the market, it’s more important than ever for school administrators, for what!? This is to understand the code requirements that pertain to doors in order to avoid spending precious funds on such devices. Or sometimes only to find out fire inspection that have to remove for better Italy security.

Common Italy security devices for fire-denying in school

  • Locking hardware that doesn’t require a key – the unrestricted ability to lock or unlock a door can allow anyone to take control of the opening.

  • Top jamb lockdown wrap– These are small, lightweight cylinders that slip over the large hydraulic hinge located at the top of the door. They effectively lock the door by keeping the hinge from expanding. Other similar devices are available that clasp around the arms of the v-shaped hinge to prevent the door from opening.

Picture 2: This is s sample of Top jamb lockdown from an Italy security company

  • Floor bolt locks - The problem with this type of device is that lock must manually set. It can be difficult to remember in the event of an emergency. Moreover, it locks both ways, preventing egress and allowing intruders to barricade themselves inside the room. Maybe potentially taking hostages in the process.

Securing school doors without compromising fire safety with Italy security recommend

Once you consider the number of doors that even a small school would need to secure, the appeal of these devices is understandable. When it comes to school doors, there are three main types of lockdown hardware:

  • Manual lockdown hardware, which relies on the use of keys to manually lock the door. Classroom security function locksets are an example of this type of hardware.

  • Remote lockdown hardware, which are electronically-controlled, wireless and keyless door locks that can be activated by a remote fob within proximity of the door.

  • Centralized lockdown hardware integrated with access control software. It allows for doors anywhere in the building to lock from one location.

Picture 3: Italy security concern about fire problem in school so much this 2019!

These solutions can cost as little as $200-$300 per door up to thousands of dollars for centralized access control. Once your school doesn’t have the budget for these options, there are still a number of low-cost measures. You can take them to enhance Italy security in school without compromising fire safety.

  • Install face-plates, which are relatively inexpensive and readily available at hardware stores, to prevent jimmying of locks on exterior doors.

  • Conduct monthly inspections of all exterior doors: frames, overhead lights, hinges, locks. Latches for damage is also necessary. You can also make any needed repairs immediately for Italy security.

  • Keep interior doors closed and locked while rooms are in use to allow for a faster lockdown in an emergency situation.

  • Develop a safety plan for school includes protocols for staff and identifies places to hide. provide training. So that staff can prepare to implement it on a moment’s notice.

Common benefits of using Italy security devices for school safe

  • Cost Savings: Have one Italy security company handle all the inspections and maintenance. With the integration of all systems, inspections are much more efficient and cost effective.

Picture 4: This work from Italy security can help your school save a lot of money if fire appears

  • Quicker Response Time – With an integrated system, there are fewer false alarms in school. Because of being able to confirm situations through the use of multiple tools. Authorities can also better prepare to handle the emergency situation for better Italy security.

  • Enhanced Italy security overview – Every system integrated further can enhance by providing new tools and capabilities. Because they didn’t have prior to the integration. In the event of a fire alarm, the communication system can be available to verify a potential fire. While exit doors can be automatically unlocked to allow students to exit and first responders to enter.

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