Internal doors - which handle lock we need to install on them?

Description: It is important to keep internal doors looking good and in good repair. To help them have perfect appearance, we need to choose suitable handle lock types. This article will give you some tips for selection.

Why we need to concern about selecting handle locks for internal doors?

Doors in general and internal doors in particular are crucial furniture in every home. The style of internal door also says something. For instance, solid oak suggests conservatism and trustworthiness. Whereas a sliding door or a frosted glass door, suggests a more modern ethos. Thus, selecting locks which are suitable for each door is not easy indeed. Sometimes, you have to ask for advice of professionals.

Whatever style of internal door you opt for, you need to install on it a perfect handle lock. Then, take good care of them so that they last for a long time. You can probably get specific advice from doorstore. However, in fact, you know your home decoration most. It associates with your hobbies and spirit. Therefore, all you need is some tips before making decisions on handle locks of internal doors.

Picture 1: Each internal door design need a specific handle lock style

In other case, you plan to renew or make fresh all internal doors. So, you are looking for a way to revitalize your interior decoration. Additionally, you do not want to replace all your internal doors. In this case, you simply re-paint the doors and replace the handle locks is a good way to freshen things up. We have a quick look at some of the most interesting interior handle locks on the market.

Choose handle lock for bathroom

In fact, the bathroom is more than just a place to take care of your hygiene needs. Typically, this room in the house is utilized for refreshment and renewal as well. The sanctuary where we can get away from the stressors of the outside world. It is where one can truly connect with the self and unwind. We can take hot baths or hot showers. This is to wash away the day’s worries along with all the grime; especially dirt accumulated from being outside.

The bathroom may be particularly challenging room. Accordingly, you need a lock that is good looking, hygienic and easy to use, even if you have wet hands. On the market, there are lots of creative bathroom ideas. They are the “sanitary door opener” which is ideal for people who really do not like germs.

For most cases, people likely to choose a standard polished handle lock design or a door with a simple lock. It is useful tip for us. You should avoid choosing rounded door knobs. That’s because they are quite difficult to grip when they are damp from condensation.

Picture 2: A simple handle lock is easy to use in bathroom

Handle lock with traditional style

Modern plastic locks will suit contemporary rooms. However, chrome or brass locks have a timeless charm to them. Plus, period style wrought iron handle locks are ideal for rooms with Victorian or Edwardian style decoration.

As you know, brass handles will discolour over time. However, it takes years for this to happen. In fact, we realize that most people redecorate fairly regularly, this is unlikely to be an issue. Remember that the chrome shows fingerprints quite quickly. Therefore, it is not ideal for high-traffic rooms. Nevertheless, it can add a touch of polish to an occasionally used study (or large dining hall).

Now, you are looking for something that will always look “like new”. In addition, you require minimal cleaning and maintenance. In this case, black internal locks are a good choice. The black will not show fingerprints. It is still easy to wipe clean.

Two opposite styles: Cute handle lock and quirky handle lock

You may look for a polished, consistent theme. Some of the internal lock sets on the market can meet your need. A tip is that you should choose the same handle for every room. This will give you some consistency and make the decoration of the whole house come together. For instance, elegant deco-style handles will look good in almost any home. That’s thanks to their simple, understated style.

In case you want something truly unique, you can consider getting some bespoke handle lock made. Your handle locks will reflect an interest or passion as a special and personal touch for home.

Picture 3: A handle lock will reflect yourself in many aspects

Another thing to consider is functionality. You can want internal handles with locks for the bathroom and for bedrooms. Or you need to give a lodger some privacy if you sublet a part of the property. For improved security, you should take a look at internal handle lock types with HeleH locks.

The fact that you have many different options to choose from. You can decorate modern handles as ornate or as simple. It depends on your wish. Make sure that you think about the height that you fit the lock. It also need to be easy for the people that will be using the room. This consideration is particularly important if you have young children, the elderly or people with disabilities living in your home.

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