Intelligent digital door lock - an expedient home security solution

Description: How do you know about digital door lock. Moreover, finding about the way it helps you to expend your home security. Come with HeleH Italy to know more!

Why digital door lock can secure your home better?

As robust as any traditional lock, and more!

Digital door lock is physically very strong and you can’t damage or break it easily. They are as robust as any other traditional door lock in the market. Its strong body and smart functions allow you to have the best security with much easier controls.


It is needless to say digital door lock is way more convenient than the traditional locks. Because you save a lot of time and effort due to the keyless nature of these locks.

No need to manage and worry about the keys. It also allows you to easily manage digital door lock and its access, right on your phone. These locks usually have applications that allow you to control them.

Picture 1: This is 7 common steps to install a new digital door lock for exterior door

Easy Access sharing

As discussed earlier, these locks provide easy ways of sharing and revoking access with people of your choice. You can also constantly track and monitor their activities on the smart lock. Not only this, multiple ways of sharing access will be available. The user gets a lot of options and can choose the best option that suits him/ her!

Remote monitoring and management

Smart locks usually come with a default application that works as a remote control for the smart lock. These applications are responsible for adding the ‘intelligent’ quotient to digital door lock. They allow you to manage and monitor the activities on your lock in real-time. So, this way you will know the security status of your house even when you away!

How can digital door lock help you in your modern life?

Now, all of the reasons above are quite basic and general. ‘How will it help me practically?’, you might think! The answer to this question is in the points below:

No more keys

These are keyless solutions. It means you will never have to worry about whether you lost keys or shared the keys with partner.

Picture 2: You will have to bring a lot of keys when you have digital door lock

You can just unlock the digital door lock through your phone. When it comes to share the access, you can do that too with the help of application in your smartphone. By adding some pre-required credentials of a person, you can share the access of the lock with him. When the user doesn't need access anymore, you can revoke the access too!

Many HeleH digital door lock products, also allow you to set a time to that access! This feature is also very helpful since you don’t have to remember to revoke access! Moreover, all money you spend on the duplicate keys can also reduce by shifting to a better choice of security. Monitoring who has the keys and managing these keys can be a big headache that you can get rid of when it comes to smart locks!

Aesthetically pleasing

Digital door lock is also very aesthetically appealing compared to the usual traditional door locks. Because this does not mean that the security that it provides, diminishes! It still is a more efficient and better security solution. It is highly secure and looks good on your exterior door. What more can one expect?

Control in your hands, literally!

Imagine you are stuck in traffic and you are expecting some guests. With the help of a smart lock, you can simply share the access with those guests from wherever you are and not only that you will also get constant notifications on when and who uses that access. This way you can safely share the access with people of your choice without worrying about home security!

Picture 3: Digital door lock is one of the best solution for home security if you have tried thief in past

Another example can be that an application operated digital lock. However, it allows you to unlock and change the other settings of the lock. This application allows you to fully monitor and control digital door lock on your smartphone!

Easily assess the security by analyzing the historical records of data

You can share records on your phone in order to assess the security of your home and belongings. This data is very crucial to managing the security of a house or business building!

It also includes the name of the person unlocking/locking the digital door lock. The time on which you unlock/lock the door lock.

Easy Installation

Usually, they don’t require too much to install them! You just need to install them following the instructions given to you in the manual. Then, you are good to go!

Better Security

Smart locks are any day better than traditional locks since they not only provide physical strength but also provide highly sophisticated features that help a user to better manage the lock.

Picture 4: Trust us, digital door lock will make your life more comfortable

You can also make sure that your house and belongings remain secure in the long run. This is because you will have constant access to all the historical records and data of the lock. You will also get notifications of any unauthorized access to your lock. This will allow you to analyze and take an action on such unauthorized access and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

These are some useful and important advantages of digital door lock over traditional locks. Some practical uses suggest that a better choice for holistic security solution for your home and office is digital door lock. Out of many options in the market, you can select one that suits your requirements.

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