How to have a new door lock installed on your door easily

Description: We all need the best security and find the door lock that will fit your needs. Be sure that read over the most important insights and options for front door lock replacement. Let’s go!

Replacing a door lock is necessary. That’s when you move into a new home, get a new roommate or experience a burglary. It can be a quick, easy way to switch up door look appearance. You like the existing knobs and do not want to replace the entire set. Sometimes, you just simply rekey the lock with a kit labelled for its brand. You have no fear if your knob lock is fine. However, you have to replace your deadbolt. This job is even easier than switching out your knobs.

If you are moving into a new home, we recommend replacing the lock on your front door. That’s because you will feel more secure if you know that previous tenants or owners do not have access to home. Additionally, any part of the mechanism may broke or be ineffective. Changing a door lock is a relatively easy job. We have here the steps to get you started.

Picture 1: You can replace the old door lock with our guide

Step 1: Purchase a new door lock

Before performing replacement, you begin, make sure you have good preparation. It includes a new door lock set and a screwdriver or drill. Installing the new lock is a simple task. It just takes a few minutes. The only thing is be sure to buy the same brand of lock as the existing one. That’s because it will fit into the same holes without alterations to the door.

You usually can find out the brand on the latch. However, you can take the old lock with you to the hardware store. This is to make sure that you buy the right brand and style of door lock. The new lock set has to contain 4 basic pieces: two door knobs, a latch piece and the strike plate. The latch will be fixed onto the door. Plus, the strike attaches to the door frame. In addition, the set contain two long nails and four short nails as well.

Step 2: Remove the old door lock

First, you start to remove the old door lock. You can unscrew the doorknob on the inside of the door. The handle lock may obscure the screws. Therefore, you may need to turn the handle to reach the screws. Both door knobs come loose from the door as you remove the screws. After that, remove the latch at the side edge of the door. To do this, use screwdriver to remove the nails and then pull out the latch.

Picture 2: Conduct to remove the old door lock

Step 3: Install the new door lock

Now, you take the new latch piece. Then, insert it into the hole in the side edge of the door. You should attach the latch in the right direction, the tapered side faces the outside of the door. Next, you start to adjust the latch in place so that the part that will attach to the doorknobs. It is in the center of the hole on either side of the door. After that, fit the new doorknobs on the door and place the doorknob with the screw holes on the inside.

You use the long nails to attach the doorknobs to the door. Similarly, attach two short nails to secure the latch piece onto the door. Then, tighten the screws in order that all parts are flush against the door. People use the other two short nails for attaching your new strike plate to the frame. Next step, you remove the existing strike plate. And of course, place the new piece in the same position as the old one.

Picture 3: By the final step, you get the new door lock installed on the door

The screw is in the nails and you accomplish replacement. You can test your installation by closing the door to ensure the latch meets the catch in the plate. Remember that the doorknob will feel secure. Accordingly, you are be able to open and close the door with no problem. You also make sure to toss your old keys. Thus, you do not get them confused with the new ones.

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