HeleH Italy April sharing: Hotel door lock maintenance for better use

Description: Any household products want to extend its service life, then in daily life must be its maintenance. Similarly, hotel door lock is the same. In order to extend the life of the hotel lock in the daily use, should pay attention to hotel locks maintenance.

Card hotel door lock system function

There is a real-time clock in the door lock, the validity of the smart card key time limit. For example, the guest card can only be locked during the stay, expired automatically invalid. Moreover, each door lock has its own room number, floor number, building number. So that, only the corresponding area of ​​the card to unlock, such as the guest card can only open the designated room lock. Of course, floor card can only open the designated floor locks and so on.

Different levels of card can open hotel lock range and status is not the same. Instancely, the emergency card can open all the locks, and can open the lock. As a result, the guest card can only open a room lock, and can not open the lock.

Picture 1: A guest card can only open their own door lock and floor lock

Each time unlocking, the locks record the serial number and time of the lock. Nowadays, the latest 448 records it can save. A handheld POS machine can collect all the records before. When you lost a key card, reissue a new card to cancel the lost card.

When an emergency occurs, the emergency card can be available to place the door lock in a normally open state. It is necessary for evacuation of personnel and property. If necessary,you can close the room whenever you want. Thus all the key card in the room failure (except emergency card). When door lock tongue is in compressed state for more than 4 seconds, the door will issue a beep alarm. However, the alarm time is about one minute.

The appearance of hotel door lock maintenance

During the renovation of the house, please use plastic bags to seal the lock handle, panel and other exposed parts. However, you should not bring their own plastic tape with a plastic surface contact with the door lock. Deny locking the surface treatment layer Acid or alkaline materials and gas erosion caused by spots. Blistering or even delamination phenomenon… also affects the appearance of the quality of the lock.

Some zinc alloy also copper locks, installed on the door for a long time will find a “spot”. The phenomenon does not belong to rust, but belongs to oxidation. Once this happens, as long as the surface wax rub, you can remove the spots.

Picture 2: Alloy material door lock will wear off the coating, loss of beautiful results

The normal use, dry cloth is available to clear, do not use detergent and other chemicals scrub. Otherwise, will destroy the protective film of the exposed parts, causing fading status. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the door lock body and handle, as metal material will be rusty.

Performance maintenance with luxury hotel door lock

Firstly, in the course of the use of regular do not add any liquid oil Lubricant to avoid grease sticking to the spring. This time period may be half a year or once a year. This is the same, in the keyhole with some graphite powder (pencil powder) from the lubrication. Moreover, it can occur in the key plug is not smooth.

As the results, it will be causing the lock to not turn and not open. When you close the door more laborious, cait can wipe in the oblique tongue pencil. This is difficult to resolve.

On the other side, closing the best holding the handle, the lock into the door lock body. Then, close the door and then let go, do not force hit the door. Otherwise it will reduce the life of the lock.

If the main hotel door lock or insurance lock out of the door, do not violent impact. Because you are willing to damage the tongue and the door frame.

Picture 3: HeleH Italy smart door lock can help you hotel more professional!

The door and the door frame between the installed seal has a stretch effect. When using the handle or key to unlock the tight, you can open the door at the same time by hand. This is to push the door or sliding door to overcome the elasticity. Remember do not turn the handle or key to open the door that break the handle or key.

Some other tips to keep hotel door lock long-term using

You should keep the mechanical key all the time. It sounds easy but to practice it frequently is very difficult for small hotel. They do not have enough staff to check and keep key for all rooms. On the other side, the larger ones have to pay more expenses for this work.

Your hotel have to regularly send a “time card” (every two months) to maintain a door lock. Do not have the circuit board, the lock body can not rain. Water can help, because the structure is fine, will lead to inflexible or damaged. Finally, in order to ensure the security of the system database, the system operator should regularly backup the system database files.

Hotel door lock system is very important because of the safety for both customers and staff there. If you have any questions about them, contact HeleH Italy! We will honor to help you all the time here: http://heleh.it/.