HeleH handle lock: Avoid getting mistakes by knowing about these things

Description: Sometimes you want to buy a new handle lock or replace with a new one. At any situations, you have to know these things below. They help you to avoid mistakes when getting handle lock installed on your door.

Typically, the process of replacing the door hardware is a little more complicated than it first appears. You need to order the correct items and make sure you have the right sets for each door. We will give you a quick rundown of what you need to prepare to solve this.

Know about handle lock products you can pick

Actually, there are a few types of handle lock you can buy. In which, passage is not standard handle lock. It does not the lock, just handle only. We often use it on unlockable doors such as bedrooms, offices and closets. Privacy is a type of handle lock with a turnable knob or button. We can pop them from the outside using a special tool. As a result, you can not lock yourself out. People use these handle locks on any room where you do not allow someone to enter. They may be bathrooms, bedroom. However, it is not highly secure.

The dummy handles are decorative things. They do not turn or actually include a cylinder that goes through the door to a latch. People also use them on doors where you do not require an interior handle. For example, you can hold shallow closets close with a magnet. Additionally, we will install these handles on one side of double or French doors sets for aesthetic reasons.

Picture 1: If it is a closet, a handle lock may be not necessary

The keyed entrance standard handle lock is usually for an exterior door. The lock requires a key on one or both sides of the door to lock and unlock it. In addition, it may come with a dead bolt for additional home security. Generally, people use the standard handle lock on secondary exterior doors like garages or backdoors. That’s because they are not highly decorative.

The entrance sets of handle lock are are often ornate exterior door handles versus a regular knob. It has a separate deadbolt. Particularly, they may or may not be lock on the handle itself. People often consider this lock as an exterior handle set with a separate interior door handle. It matches the rest of your interior hardware.

Determine direction of handle lock handing

When you order non-locking standard knobs, the direction of door opening is not too important. Accordingly, you can install a door knob on either the right, left, front or back of a door. However, for handle lock types, you need to know which side of the door you are going to install the hardware. Remember that the handle will face the right direction. You will all your hardware upside down because you do not pay attention to the directionality of the doors.

Picture 2: It’s useful to know how to realize direction of your handle lock

We call the direction the door swings and which side the handle is on is the “handedness” or “handing.” When buying, you have to to indicate if a handle will be left hand or right hand. That’s because you can not tell you just look at a closed door. Since a handle on the right side of the door in one direction is on the left side from the other.

Tips for you when directing the handing of handle lock

We assume the door swings inwards like most interior doors. The trick is to open the door and stand inside the door frame. Accordingly, your back is to the hinges and face the strike plate. If the opening door is on your left, (it will be behind you), it is left handed door. In contrast, if it is on your right, it is right handed one. It is unless the door swings outwards. Typically, the exterior doors and closets swing outward. In that case, the handing will be the opposite.

As you see, how the doors do not all swing at the same way. One of the reasons we should order privacy locks for those rooms is that you do not have to worry about handing if you use reversible passage handles. Additionally, the fact you will not want your kids locking you out.

Consider cost of handle lock

We can learn about a case. Here is how your costs broke down. It does not include hinges because you have not replaced the hinges yet. You have a 3 bedroom, 3 bath house with a two sets of double doors. In fact, you have only two handled exterior doors. They are front and garage - your back door is a slider.

Picture 3: Quickly own a HeleH handle lock at an affordable cost

In which, only the hall closets required handles because your room closets are sliding doors. Therefore, for your house, in total I needed 17 sets of handle locks. If you have a much larger house or closet doors requiring handles, your costs may be significantly higher.

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