HeleH E2100 SERIES - Surface applied door closers for Europe home

Description: People have widely known HeleH as the master of these products in hardware industry. Door closers is one of 3 main products type we have. Today, HeleH Italy will introduce to all of our customers E2100 SERIES with high-quality technique!

What is the best thing HeleH Italy has with door closers?!

The series of floor-concealed door closers is the combination of modern manufacturing technologies in the world. Not only meets the requirements for all constructions, this product range of HeleH also has an elegant shape. Especially, it is the best choice for tempered glass door, which has been widely preferred nowadays.

With floor-concealed design, HeleH door closers offer adaptability to almost any installation. The closer's compact body permits its use where a larger closer would be prohibitive. Besides, versatility allows installation in thin slab concrete subfloor construction. Moreover, it is specially suitable for all tempered glass doors as well.

Quality of products has been one of the biggest pride of HeleH. As many products of the company, floor-concealed door closers has high strength thanks to modern Italian technology. Therefore, it can avoid almost breakdowns such as overload, rust and corrosion.

Picture 1: HeleH Italy door closers appear in many buildings around the world

The main things to consider when defining how to mount a surface door closer include 5 main things:

  • Architectural appearance

  • Accessibility to the closer arm

  • Space limitations of the frame above the interior door

  • Space limitations on the top rail of the interior door

  • Closer position on the door

Want to know more about Grade 1 door closers? HeleH Italy will help you in the next paragraph!

HeleH Italy Grade 1 surface applied door closers product

HeleH Italy offers a variety of surface door closers to meet a wide range of applications and uses. Heavy duty, Grade 1 door closer items are ideal for hospitals, schools, and other high-use environments. Surface door closer models are easy to install, with only a few holes for the body and the arm.

It is always requiring a minimum amount of preparation of the door and frame. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing how to mount your locking. These factors depends by aesthetics, environment, or application for them.

Regular arm

The regular arm application is available when there is ample room on the top rail of the door. But you are not concerning about the arm extending out away from the door. This door closers body is usually mount on the hinge side of the top rail of the door.

The forearm is then the best suitable to the frame face by a mounting shoe. Moreover, the arm projects at approximately a 90° angle away from the door. The regular arm mount will make the closer more power-efficient than the parallel arm/ top jamb mount.

Parallel arm

Picture 2: Parallel arm of door closers comes from the image of a furniture in Maths studying

The depth of the top rail is just an important consideration when using this application. Closer body can mount on the top rail of the door opposite the hinge side of the door. On the other hand, parallel arm bracket mounts this item to the underside of the frame.

The arm is parallel to the door, which makes it less likely to be damaged and aids in the overall aesthetics. The power efficiency of the closer may go down by the mounting applications.

Two different valves in each the E2100 Series product play an important role in controlling the speeds. They are sweeping and latching process of doors when having any changes in temperature.

HELEH E2100 SERIES door closers for home security

With the equipped controllable spring, the E2100 door closers series is enable to suit every project application requirement. It includes compliance with ADA barrier-free accessibility requirements.

  • Door closer ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified.

  • Adjustable spring sizes 1 - 5 and power

  • Comply with barrier-free requirements

  • Adjustable backcheck

  • A full 25-year warranty

  • Compact version

The high-quality understanding of the beauty of the E2100 series comes from 3 main things. There are the slim cover, flat form arm and architectural finishes. You can do in just about 5-10 minutes to complete apply this door close. The E2100 Series door closers is perfectly satisfy all requirements. It contains metal having empty space, aluminum, and wood materials.

Picture 3: HeleH Italy E2100 door closers have non-handed design and tri-mount arm for better use

When order this door closers, you have two different finishing options. HeleH did it to make sure that users will not have to face any problems in ordering and stocking process. It is especially match for trade construction. We wish that E2100 SERIES can appear in your building in the future!

Controlled opening with backcheck feature is a big advantage! Adjustable-placing backcheck technology enables parallel arm application to make the ANSI backcheck range in the same level with regular and top applications. Last but not least, E2100 SERIES is barrier-free. The E2100 Series door closers comply with barrier-free accessibility requirements on the standard width of the spring (1-6).

With floor-concealed design, HeleH door closers offer adaptability to almost any installation. Do you find a suitable one for your home today in HeleH catalog?! If you’re in a consideration, let’s feel free to contact us here: http://heleh.it/. Wish all of you a nice day!