HeleH 5100 SERIES - best Grade 1 Surface door closers for building

Description: As you know, your building for business needs door closers so much! But you’re confusing among many types and styles of them?! Follow HeleH Italy article about 5100 SERIES - the best choice for yours!

Grade 1 surface applied door closers - How do you know about this locking furniture?!

Each area can have slightly different building codes depending on the location of the building. Federal, state, and even local building codes can have an impact on determining the door closer required. The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provide extensive standards for door closers.

Generally, each door closer needs to meet different levels of performance broken up in 3 grades with 1 being the highest and 3 being the basic level. Performance is judged based on cycle testing as well as closing force and finish tests. The tests are done in a neutral air pressure laboratory at 60-85 degrees F.

Picture 1: Door closers with ANSI Grade 1 will protect your fire door, exterior door best

Door closers have the following requirements:

  • Grade 1: 2,000,000 cycles at 60% efficiency

  • Grade 2: 1,000,000 cycles at 60% efficiency

  • Grade 3: 500,000 cycles at 50% efficiency

If doors are being installed into a high volume area like a major office building or shopping mall, it is crucial to only use door closers that have been rated as Grade 1 closers. Ensure that the high security lock that you’re choosing has an ANSI Grade 1 rating. This is the highest grade possible for door hardware. Although ANSI Grade 3 is cheaper, they don’t hold up as well on burglars as compared to products with ANSI Grade 1 rating. Check if the door closer grade certificate is printed on the package of the high security lock before buying it.

Choosing HeleH Door closers for your home, why not?!

The series of HeleH door closers is the combination of modern designs and last manufacturing technologies in the world. Not only meets the requirements for all constructions, this product range of HeleH also has an elegant shape. Especially, it is considered as the best choice for tempered glass door, which has been widely preferred nowadays.

Quality of products makes the biggest pride of HeleH. As many products of the company, HeleH products have high strength thanks to modern technology in Italy. Therefore, it can avoid almost breakdowns such as overload, rust and corrosion. If you are considering some items of our door closers catalog, let’s follow these next lines. You’ll find out the best suitable one for your home/ business in our top selling items 2019!

Picture 2: With HeleH door closers, you’ll feel better when living in a modern life!

With development process for 10 million cycle in over one fourth of a century, the most recent door control system is officially public! Through its hydraulic control system and modern architecturally styled aesthetics, it becomes more and more popular. The long-lasting quality, the trusted capacity and the appearance are three important elements creating the difference. Do you know what is the difference of 5100 HeleH door closers?! The 5100 Series, with adjustable spring, also comply with barrier-free accessibility requirements.

5100 SERIES door closers characteristics

As a building manager or owner, all this can be overwhelming. It’s essential to first consider building codes and traffic requirements before looking at the different aesthetic options. The wrong type can lead to the closer needing replacement in a short-period of time and also could lead to fines. As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to choose ANSI Grade 1 closers for high volume doors. If you have a small interior office, Grade 2 door closers are acceptable and for closets. And in this situation, Grade 3 closers will work fine.

With equipped controllable spring and adjustable backcheck, the 5100 door closer series enable to suit every project. This includes compliance with ADA barrier-free accessibility requirements. The surface-based series are not approached by hand.

Picture 2: This is HeleH 5100 SERIES door closers with brass material

Door closers Grade 1 certified will give HeleH 5100 SERIES these characteristics.

  • Adjustable spring sizes and power

  • Comply with barrier-free requirements

  • Adjustable backcheck

  • A full 25-year warranty

Product details of HeleH 5100 SERIES door closers for business using

Firstly, this HeleH Italy door closers have modern aesthetics. The high-quality understanding of the beauty of the 5100 series comes from the slim cover, flat form arm and architectural finishes. The 5100 Series softens the effect of impact on doors through back-check system when opening the doors. It also has constant speeds. Two different valves in each the 5100 Series product play an important role in controlling very important thing. Not only the speeds of sweeping but also latching process of doors when having any changes in temperature.

Applications of this closers, do you want to know?! The 5100 Series door closer needs to be tailored perfectly satisfy all requirements including metal having empty space, aluminum, and wood materials especially for trade construction. Moreover, it can control opening with backcheck feature. Adjustable-placing backcheck technology enables parallel arm application to make HeleH backcheck range in the same level with regular and top applications.

Barrier-free, can you believe it?! The 5100 Series door closers comply with barrier-free accessibility requirements on the standard width of the spring (1-6).

HeleH always wants to bring more and more door closer items to our clients all over the world. Do you find 5100 SERIES door closers suitable one for your home today?! If you’re in a consideration, let’s feel free to contact us here: http://heleh.it/