Ask these questions before determining to buy door closers

Importantly, Door closers help close a door automatically, either after they open mechanically or after someone has manually opened them. According to existing regulations, they should be installed onto any fire doors. So, that will help to ensure that they always close correctly after opening, unless the fire door only opens into a cupboard.

Doors closers are available in all price ranges, including cheap door closers as well as the more expensive ones. They can also be installed to a multitude of different door types including both traditional and automatic doors.

Picture 1: HELEH 7200 Heavy-Duty Surface Applied Door Closers

There are a lot of different types of door closers available, including concealed ones. So, if your need is maintaining clean and modern lines without having the mechanism showing then there is certainly a type available for you. This short list will give you a ideal choice of door closers.

  • Surface-mounted

  • Concealed in-frame

  • Concealed in-floor

  • Concealed in-door

In all situations and circumstances your door closers should be installed by a professional; if it was installed incorrectly it may as well not be there at all!

1. So, what are the purposes of door closers?

  • Fireproofing doors should be kept closed at all the times. A door closer ensures that the door will close automatically after being opened, either mechanically or manually.

  • Most door closers feature dampers which offer a level of control over the force and speed at which the door closers. This cushion is especially important on particularly heavy doors. Correctly adjusting the closing speed can prevent an injury to a small child or a less physically able person; in fact, anyone who is unable to go through the doors quickly, even someone burdened with heavy shopping for example.

  • A door closer will ensure that your entrance door has closed securely after someone moves through it. This prevents your asset being left vulnerable to thieves etc.

  • Most door closers have a back-check device which prevents the door from being opened too fast. This can happen on external doors during strong winds etc. When the door could blow open at high speed:

  • The door open at high speed could ruin either the door or the door frame itself, which is obviously costly.

  • A door opening quickly could hurt anything or anyone standing close by as it happens.

Picture 2: HELEH 5100 Grade 1 Surface Applied Door Closers

2. When do you need a replacement of door closers?

Once you have installed a door closer then it must be checked and kept well maintained and/or adjusted periodically. As with anything mechanical, for a long time, you always need to replace your door closers. For example, if the following happens:

  • If you see that the door is no longer closing fully and adjustment has not solved the issue. The purpose of the door closers is to ensure that the door is closed during a fire or to prevent someone from getting into your home. When it is failing to do its job it’s time to replace it.

  • Equally, if the door is shutting forcely and loudly – The hydraulic fluid or oil may have leaked out or the valve seals may be worn. If adjustment doesn’t work then replace it right that time.

  • If the door closer has no spring tension then the spring is broken and so, you really need a new one.

  • If you see that hydraulic fluid is leaking, even slightly without this essential fluid, the door will fail and this could happen at the point that you need it the most.

Picture 3: HELEH 6500 Grade 1 Hydraulic Surface Applied Door Closers

3. Why do you need door closers?

Basically then, the reason why you must buy door closers is for your safety:

  • To keep your fireproofing door closed thereby keeping smoke and fire at bay and allowing you to exit the premises safely.

  • To prevent any unauthorised person from stealing to your property/premises either when you are there or in your absence.

  • To prevent anyone or anything from being hurted by a very heavy door.

It is a relatively simple process to determine on the correct product for your situation. But if you are not sure then you could hire a door specialist and have it installed by them. You will then be guaranteed that it has been done correctly and will serve its purpose for many years to come.

It is essential to choose the right door closers but there is a lot of choices out there. Actually find exactly the right one for your situation can be extremely confusing! To make a good decision, you really need to research well about door closers and relevant informations. This makes sure you understand basically and no one can cheat on you to buy a fake and low-quality product. If you need more, please visit our website Heleh door lock to be consulted by a professional team of door specialists. Have a good day!