about us


about us
Throughout 100-plus years of its manufacturing history, HeleH has become one of the biggest and oldest Italian hardware company.
Since 1911, when the first door handles were manufactured at its own factory in Borgomanero, Novara City, Italy, from generation to generation.
HeleH has earned distinction for quality of its products and the reputation of its brand.


Since its beginning HeleH has corporated with many architects to create handles out of their architectures. The variety and attraction of HeleH designs help architects choose the most suitable products in easiest way. Either classic or modern style, HeleH is always proud that it can provide the perfect combination for client’s space.

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manignie special


Despite its century-old history, interestingly, there are only three product ranges that Heleh has focused on: door handle, digital doorlock and opening-closing system. That is the reason why this company has been widely known as the master of these products in hardware industry.


Door handles are the timeless best seller products that have an enormous contribution to HeleH’s reputation. Nowadays, HeleH catalogue consists of more than 100 handles ...

opening & closing

The series of floor-concealed door closers is the combination of modern designs and lastest manufacturing technologies in the world. Not only meets the requirements for all constructions...

digital door lock

Not only focus on its traditional product ranges, in order to keep up with the trend and become a leader of hardware industry, HeleH always attemps to conquer the lastest technologies in the world ...


HeleH Technology

Made only in brass, all products go through a precise sequence of phases: hot forging and shearing, mechanical processing, grinding, vibratory finishing, polishing, galvanic deposition, physical vapour deposition (PVD) and laser marking. In addition, all the technical components made in resin, brass sheet and steel sheet are forged and assembled in the same factory. Every phases of the production cycle is meticulously controlled to guarantee constant quality over time.
The rapid development of HeleH also causes pressure on its manufacturing, due to the growth of need in the market. However, during 100-plus year history, the quality of product along with standardized manufacturing system has been considered as the biggest pride of HeleH. The company has adopted the criteria of the International Organization for Standardization for quality management principles. HeleH has the certifications ISO 9001 for the management of the design phases, and ISO 14000 for environmental management, proving its commitment to offering quality products in full respect for employees, the environment and the local territor.


HeleH has implemented a quality management system that attained UNI EN ISO 9001 certification no. 0929/05. All its handles are manufactured ...
HeleH uses only titrated and certified brass, an alloy made of copper and zinc. The shapes are obtained by hot forging ...
Vacuum metallisation (PVD) is an extremely high-technology treatment habitually employed for the tools used in high-velocity steel machining. It is applied ...